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Commission Life,
Justice and Peace
Of the Archdiocese of Cali

Created in 1996 for Monsignor Isaías Duarte Cancino, archbishop of Cali, as a specialized Pastoral.  It takes charge of the programs of Human Rights and the attention to victims of violence; its lines of action are orientated to:


The violent process of transformation that the Colombia lives, from a rural society to a urban one and the intensive change of economic model, it forces to working for the meeting of the displeased population with the receiving one and looking for the reconciliation from the victims of the violence, across programs that allow to understand what is happening, to generate solidary commitments and to organize the community with offer that facilitate the Country's new cultural development.


The need to understand reality allows to realize formation programs with the victims of violence to create tools that allow to live in the middle of the adversity. The formation and investigation programs have allowed to share experiences with multiple sectors, institutions, organizations and even with the violence generating groups; they have been achieved three series of audio-visual on the experience of human rights in Colombia, the application of the humanitarian international law in the Colombian conflict and the principal elements that have reached on having created the Colombian cultural identity.

This material has been converted into fundamental tool of the pedagogic processes into colleges, universities and communities.


It is the program that allows to offer a light of hope who seen their selves plunged in the depths of the armed conflict and the darkness of corruption.


«The culture is born with the God's initial mandate to the human beings: To grow and to multiply, to fill the land and to submit her (cf. Gn 1, 28-30). In this form the is croping and expression of everything human it in loving relation with nature and in the community dimension of the peoples".».1

With this mandate, the project "Culture Instrument of Peace" works with persons who across a process of recognition of their history, of their sense of life and their projection of future manage to discover their talent and they form it across any of the artistic expressions to put it to the service of others, propitiating a meeting in the cultural diversity.

The project "Culture Instrument of Peace" opened spaces to young men and women with cultural manifestations different from the traditional ones of Cali.  In 1996 the opportunity was offered to hundred twenty (120) representatives of the HIP - HOP culture in order that they were presenting their artistic work before the city.  The dedication, effort and commitment accompanied with the integral formation program to improve their artistic and social conditions they allowed to earn spaces in the Fair of Cali, the Chamber of Trade of Cali, the Fundación para la Educación Superior and other organizations that supported thierdifferent artistic expressions.

By the same way, through theatre, dance, stories and craft work there have been achieved stimulate young men and women from other sectors, we have understood that the only thing that is needed is to entrust and to open the space in order that they construct and create what they always have had guarded in their interior.  Based on the words of Pope John Paul II, who affirms that "the cultural interchanges offer unsuspected occasions to promote the peace", we continue allowing the meeting in order that the artistic activity breaks the barriers that weapon and violence have constructed.


The reconciliation is the biggest step that any person can give in his process of transformation. The Commission Life, Justice and peace realizes a series of workshops with the victims of the violence, colleges, universities, parishes. They are directed to propitiate an approximation to the truth, to discover the deepest sense of the mercy, to understand the value of the justice and to understand that we are created to God's image and similarity.  For the latter condition we can discover in our interior the necessary force to smell and to live of permanent form through the meeting with Him, and approach our similar other one to administer this land and everything what in it inhabits.


The Commission Life, Justice and Peace of the Archdiocese of Cali also attends directly to the victims of violence with programs of labour training, administration of productive projects, with the illusion that to the dawn of this dark night we count with persons capable of reconstructing the Country with dignity.


1  Santo Domingo - Conclusions
   IV General Conference of the Latin-American Episcopate 1992.  Return to note mark


Commission Life, Justice and Peace
of the Archdiocese of Cali

Carrera 24 No. 3-60 Tels:  557 7804 - 556 8218 - 558 2163
Cali, Colombia

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